ICCMO’s 30th Annual Bernard Jankelson Memorial Lecture

Kansas City, MO

September 26-29, 2019



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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Board of Regents Meeting (open to all attendees)

Intro to TMD/NMD
Dr. Barry Cooper/Dr. Prabu Raman

This course is for dentists and team that are new to NMD. Experienced NMD practitioners may find this a valuable review and pick up pearls from these veteran NMD-TMD doctors. This course includes an overview of the principles of NMD and an introduction to the technology and their applications in restorative dentistry and TMD treatment. Patient case studies demonstrate how K7 data is integrated into the diagnosis, case presentation and treatment.

Discover the Steps to Deliver a NM Dental Orthotic with Biometrics
Dr. Curtis Westersund

A common treatment protocol for stabilizing a physiologic bite is to create a removable orthotic. Having a protocol for orthotic delivery that is fast, accurate and eliminates the need for multiple re-balances makes this treatment both easier for the patient and simpler for the dentist. Using multiple technologies at the same time can become the game changer for orthotic delivery. There will be a live demonstration of the use of these technologies.

The Simple Non-Confrontational Formula to get Your Patients to Say Yes!
Ms. Jenni Moseley

The astute business owner understands that it’s all about ROI (return on investment). In contrast, most dentists spend almost all their education, and a lot of their resources, learning how to do new and very needed procedures, yet sadly never learn how to get their patients to accept them. Their ROI equals Zero. Dental “sales skills” can be easy to learn and non-confrontational as well. This three-hour presentation will show you how to get your patients to say YES!

President's Welcome Reception

Friday, September 27, 2019

Keynote: The Masterpiece In You
Mr. Richard Hight

Art, music and the spoken word are brought together to inspire individuals to achieve fulfillment in their personal lives and challenges organizations to implement creativity and innovation to accomplish their vision. Self-discovery is a journey, and each of us is always on a path of becoming. But sometimes that journey can seem dull and dreary, especially if you don’t know where you’re going and you can’t remember where you’re coming from. Richard invites the audience closer and tells his own warm, humorous version of the story of self-discovery. His life is testament to the guiding power of gifts and talents, and his presentation combines visual art, music, and the spoken word to show the audience the need to look within for light. For every part of us left to chance, there is another left to choice and every choice, like another brushstroke, is another step in making The Masterpiece in You.

Properly marketing and using NM Dentistry to set YOUR Practice Apart
Dr. Jeffrey Haddad

How the K7 and Neuromuscular Dentistry can be used to differentiate and market your practice in your community
• An effective plan that will help you attract new patients
• How the tools of social media will not only help you grow your practice but it will improve your practice as a whole
• The team’s vital role in creating and maintaining a thriving Neuromuscular Dental practice• Effective ways to build relationships with other health providers resulting in increased referrals

3D Implantology: A Modern Approach to Implant Dentistry
Dr. Neal Patel

Digital Implant Dentistry has become one of the hottest topics amongst surgical and restorative dentists. Take what you have learned at ICCMO to the next level and GO DIGITAL. This course will give you the experience to utilize 3D Imaging for surgical planning of implants and understand the fundamentals of guided implant surgery and digital implant dentistry. The lecture will provide intensive review and detailed protocols to fully integrate both 3D CBCT and CAD/ CAM for comprehensive treatment of implant therapy. This course is intended for clinicians who want an edge in providing a digital workflow for implant therapy. Attendees will be provided proven and tested protocols for comprehensive digital implantology. Learn from a clinician who was instrumental in developing the integration protocols for several of the leading dental manufacturers. This lecture will provide a solid understanding of guided-implant planning using the CBCT and the CAD/CAM planning, as well as a complete understanding many of the different digital workflows in implant dentistry today. There will be an intensive review of all the protocols developed over the past 8 years specific to CAD/CAM and CBCT for implantology (prosthetically driven digital treatment planning, digital case presentation, Guide fabrication, Chairside milled or printed guide fabrication, Guided Implant Instrumentation and Protocols, immediate temporization with CAD/CAM, digital implant impressions, abutment design and fabrication, tibase abutment and hybrid abutment-crown design and fabrication protocols for single, multiple, and full arch cases).

Ozone in Dentistry
Dr. John Highsmith

The ozone layer should be in your office! Ozone gas is one of the most potent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungual agents known. There are many useful applications of ozone in dentistry. This presentation will be an overview of the safe and effective use of ozone gas, oils, and ozonated water in a dental practice. Enhance your restorative, periodontal, and endodontic treatment. If time allows, we will also discuss uses in ozone in medicine.

The Art and Science of Digital Marketing
Mr. Donald Griswold

We will explore how user-experience drives productivity in Internet marketing for dental and medical practices. Using web sites, social mediums, search engines and online advertising, we will review best practices for content, metrics and strategy. In this 60-minute presentation, attendees should expect to gain a better understanding of how to use the Internet to market their practice.


Lunch Break

DTR-The Physiologic Next Step for a Neuromuscular Dentist
Dr. Ben Sutter

As Neuromuscular Dentists, we all value measurement in our diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment execution as well as follow up visits. How does what we see and measure guide our decision tree? In this presentation we will examine the effects of occlusion on posture, foot balance, sway, muscle physiology, TMJ physiology, as well as bite force and timing. Technologies used to confirm physiologic changes will include Myotronics, BioResearch, TScan, Matscan, and Posture Screen Mobile. Dr Sutter is a Master in ICCMO and DTR and earned Fellowship at LVI. He is also TruDenta and Perfect Bite Certified and brings a practical approach to complex TMD cases.

The Road to Fellowship, Mastership and Manuscript Publishing
Dr. Greg Bixby/Dr. Barry Cooper/Dr. Tammarie Heit

This course will introduce you to ICCMO Fellowship and Mastership programs as a way to become knowledgeable and gain supervised experience in NMD. This lecture will describe the path to learning NMD. Then, the candidate would be able to test their expertise by subjecting themselves to the Fellowship and Mastership challenge for peer review and acceptance.

Avoiding Professional Liability
Dr. William Choby

To enlighten the dental community about the potential obstacles of neuromuscular dental practices in our political and legal systems.

How to Introduce Sleep into your Practice
Dr. Tony Soileau

To be truly successful (and profitable) including the treatment of sleep apnea in your practice you have to be able to recognize it, explain it, and get paid for it. It’s really not that hard. And you are already half way there. Let me make this very simple and easy for you and your team to learn how to talk to patients, talk to physicians to get referrals, and different methods to be paid for all your efforts.

Orthopedic Joint Congruency and Yoga to Improve Posture
Dr. John Burroughs

How one practicing physician responded to the realization that there are some issues that medications do not address. A practical demonstration of the use of joint alignment and the concepts of joint congruency and physiologic responses to emotional/physical trauma, and how their use has been used to help patients with joint pain as well as headaches and mood issues in a primary care setting.

Building a TMD Practice Within a General Practice the 10K A Day Way
Dr. William Williams

In order to do more neuromuscular cases we’ll look at the Big Five in Dentistry: Mindset, Team, Facility, Marketing and Capacity. Once you organize your thoughts around this paradigm, especially with the skills and knowledge you possess as a neuromuscular dentist, you will begin to do more involved, more exciting, and much bigger cases.

NMD in New Frontiers
Dr. Konstantin Ronkin/Dr. Sonia Matic

The success in treating patient with cranio-mandibular dysfunction depends on many factors, including the freedom of using treatment modalities that are most effective for each individual patient. Right now, the neuromuscular concept and physiological approach are not mainstream treatment modalities in dentistry. And often we see resistance from our colleagues and a lack of understanding. To practice medicine which we believe is most effective in the treatment of our patients, we need to promote principles of neuromuscular dentistry and the physiological approach. This promotion needs to take place not only to patient, but also to doctors. The following presentation will explore the methods of promotion and popularization of neuromuscular dentistry amongst the public, doctors, clinic owners, and governing bodies which has allowed us to successfully spread NMD in Russia.

Further discussion will be why TMD should be incorporated in the curriculum, based on the lecturer’s Masters of Sciences research and how Neuromuscular Dentistry has revolutionized the practice in prosthodontics, aesthetics and orthodontics.

Cases will be presented on why and how she modified the pre-existing treatment paradigm with a more advanced but “controversial” Neuromuscular Dentistry, the treatment outcome and the response of the patients with this remarkable changes in her treatment paradigm. “The biomedical evaluation of the Cranio-mandibular System and the diagnosis of its pathologies should be an inseparable part of our procedures in Orthodontics, Orthopedics and in all fields of Dentistry.” At the end of the lecture, the listeners will get some important insights about the treatment options that can be viable with the present economic status of the third world countries like Philippines, wherein primary health care provider for TMD treatment is not available.

Support for NM TMD Therapy
Mr. Bob Mitchell, PT

Learn the process of treatment of TMD deficit, as well as describe the characteristics of an ideal Physical Therapist to support your TMD/NMD treatment.


Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Mary Billings

It is estimated that up to 80% of diagnosed TMD cases have muscle based etiologies. In this presentation we will highlight how Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders can often be an overlooked etiology, resulting in development of orofacial pain and destabilization of the temporomandibular system. We will review the hierarchical development of the orofacial complex and demonstrate how one functional system builds upon another for lasting stability. We will review the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and preview members of the team.

SPEAKEASY-1920's Wardrobe Encouraged

Saturday, September 28, 2019

NM Full Mouth Restorative Treatments From Start to Finish
Dr. Prabu Raman

Full Mouth reconstruction restorative treatment of a TMD patient can be a daunting task with myriad possible pitfalls. However, following a proven protocol can make it predictable and efficient. Dr. Raman has been delivering this service for decades and taught as an FMR clinical instructor for 12 years. From the perspective of a clinician, he will share ‘what works’ step by step from start to finish, following the care of a patient with Cranio Cervical Mandibular Dysfunction who chose FMR as a phase 2 option.

Potential Resolution of SDB with Biomimetic Oral Appliance Therapy
Dr. David Singh

FDA-registered, biomimetic oral appliance therapy differs from conventional mandibular advancement devices as it is used to correct the nasopharyngeal airway through epigenetic midfacial redevelopment in combination with mandibular correction for the oropharyngeal airway, in order to improve the upper airway in both children and adults. Published studies have indicated that amelioration of SDB is possible using this novel approach.

Wheel of Fortune-A Roadway For Your Success
Dr. Mandy Holley & Dr. Monica Goldenberg

The dental business and business of dentistry are very different things. Your practice spans from accounting to culture or from numbers to clinical skills.

As a practice owner you wear multiple hats – Artist, Manager/ Leader, and Investor. Without the proper systems to support success in each of the areas of your business and expertise wearing each of the hats, you won’t see the success you have dreamt the practice would be. In two hours we will share the entire Wheel of Fortune and how to apply that to your practice like you’re going to work there forever, and optimize it so you could sell it tomorrow.

NM Case Presentations/Successes and Challenges
Case #1-SPG Block (Dr. Ira Shapira)
Case #2-Anterior Wear-What To Do? (Dr. Mac Lee)

Learn how the Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block, anterior wear, phonetics and profile can Improve Treatment Outcomes and Decrease Treatment Times on a TENS Orthotic.

Your TMD Patient Does Not Sleep
Dr. Sahag Mahseredjian

A drug that does not have to be ingested, has no side effects, increases mood, pumps up the immune system, makes one more alert and more productive, decreases auto accidents, strengthens personal relationships, makes you more attractive and feels great.

What is this magical potion? Sleep Myofascial Pain (MFP)/ TMD & SBD are two important factors affecting sleep. Are they interrelated? How? When the American Academy of Sleep Medicine published its Practice Parameters for the Treatment

of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances, it recommended that dentists treating sleep apnea be experienced in treating TMJ disorders. Why? Many big names in sleep medicine (Kushida, Guilleminault) describe their OSA/UARS patients being craniofacially compromised: increased palatal height, narrow dental arches, retrognathia, increased overjet, etc... Aren’t those a description of our so-called “psychosocial TMD”? If TMD is “psychosocial”, is sleep breathing disorders (SBD) “psychosocial” too? Aren’t we supposed to screen and treat our patients for both problems concomitantly for better prognosis? If yes, how?

Craniofacial Wellness in Four-Part Harmony
Dr. Mark Duncan

Given the complete overlap between traditional NM symptoms and OSA symptoms and the morphology and physiology of the associated structures, it is readily apparent that you are never treating only one. In fact, the reality is these two descriptions lead to largely symptom and training based solutions. From the perspective of the patient, these terms are two ways to describe the same problem and really just two sides to the same coin. To best help our patients, we need a decision tree to give them the best opportunity for an improved quality of life. No longer can we TATAB (TENS and take a bite) or just put everyone into a sleep appliance and call it a day! We will discuss the sequencing and thought process behind helping maximize the outcomes and give the patients the best chance for physiologic improvement as well as how to combine therapies for the grossly destroyed dentition.


Just Because You're an Expert...Doesn't Make you Interesting
Dr. Paul Homoly

Have you ever wondered whether you’re interesting? If you haven’t, you probably should – here’s why. Most experts (consultants, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, accountants, engineers, etc.) never had a single hour of training on how to be interesting and influential when speaking to those they seek to influence. Consequently, too many critical presentations experts offer their audiences are uninspiring and forgettable. If this sounds like you, then there’s good news. This course is a great way to start becoming more interesting, influential, and memorable. You’ll experience how to connect with listeners, use movement to convey confidence, and use your voice to earn attention. You’ll receive a template on how-to put a talk together in half the time yielding twice the impact. Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation, a study club presentation, breakout or general sessions at association meetings you’ll feel confident knowing the best ways to come across as an interesting expert. You’ll be proud to offer the best version of yourself when it counts the most.

Farewell Reception
Join us to kick-off our 2020 meeting in Calgary Alberta September 10-13, 2020

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Fellowship and Mastership Examination (Please RSVP in advance if you plan to take the exam on Sunday)



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