21st Biennial International Congress of ICCMO

21st Biennial International Congress of ICCMO

Although we won't be meeting in New York for the International Congress of ICCMO as originally planned, we will be bringing the Congress to you as a simulive (simulative+live) webinar. This will be a unique and professional event that will make you feel as though you are attending an in-person event.

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(All times are in US Eastern Time Zone) 
Timing is subject to change once schedule is finalized

Friday, May 21
9.00-9.40         Dr. Prabu Raman, FICCMO, MICCMO "Effectiveness of Optimizing Atlas Axis rotation for optimal bite registration and coronoplasty-comparison of dual ULF Tens alone versus TENS plus craniocervical physical therapy-A retrospective study"
9.45-10.05       Dr. Fabio Savastano/Dr. Giulla Savastano "Spontaneous mandibular migration is proof for the neuromuscular theory"
10.10-10.30     Dr. Steffen Fabel, FICCMO "Fixed tabletops versus removable orthosis"

10.40-11.00     EXHIBITS/BREAK

11.00-11.40      Dr. Raj Raveendranathan, FICCMO, MICCMO "The oxygen desturation-bruxism connect"
11.45-12.05      Dr. Maria Minervini, FICCMO, MICCMO/Dr. Celina Gil, FICCMO, MICCMO "NM resolution in orthodontics"
12.10-12.30      Dr. Levon Snegirev, FICCMO, MICCMO "NMD: Complications and Solutions"
12.35-12.55      Dr. Girish PV, FICCMO "Application of mini implant assisted rapid palatal expansion appliancs (MARPE) in TMJ and airway compromised patients"

13.05-13.45      EXHIBITS/LUNCH

13.50-14.30      Dr. Carlos Capmourteres, FICCMO, MICCMO/Dr. Myriam Carballo, FICCMO, MICCMO "The right NM bite to solve complex occlusal problems"
14.35-14.55      Dr. Elisabeth Pittschieler "A retrospective study on interdisciplinary treatment with osteopathy and myocentric splints on chronic pain levels and mouth opening"
15.00-15.20      Dr. Tatiana Kilvmova/Dr. Nabi Nabiev "Morphofunctional diagnostic of patients with different dentofacial anomalies and Quadrotech treatment method. The benefits of light therapy"
15.25-15.45      Dr. Igor Krasnoperov, FICCMO "A Clinical Case Report of TMD Treatment based on the full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants"

15.55-16.20      EXHIBITS/BREAK

16.25-16.45      Dr. Hisashi Takamatsu "Case Report-NM esthetic restoration for the patient who have indefinite complaint after 10 years from orthodontic treatment finished"
16:45-17:05      Dr. Tsuguyasu Sasaki, FICCMO, MICCMO "Discussion of the Efficacy of Multiloop Edgewise Archwire in Occlusal Reconstruction based on the Neuromuscular Concept"
17.05-17.25      Dr. Masuno Saitou, FICCMO "The effect of myo-monitor on swallowing function"
17.25-17.45      Dr. Kotaro Fukamizu "A case report applying K7 to a patient with sleep apnea syndrome"

18.00-18.45      Broadway performance by Audra McDonald
Audra McDonald Bio


Saturday, May 22


9.00-9.40          Dr. Masateru Miyoshi, FICCMO, MICCMO "Procedure for occulsal reconstruction based on neuromuscular theory"
9:45-10.05        Dr. Tatu Joy, FICCMO "My Tryst with Neuromuscular Dentistry"

10.10-11.00      EXHIBITS/BREAK

11.00-11.40      Dr. Stanislav Blum, FICCMO "Anti-age dentistry from the perspective of Neuromuscular Dentistry"
11.45-12.05      Dr. Barry Cooper, FICCMO, MICCMO "A research study: Physiologic neuromuscular occlusion (NMO) orthotic affects reduction of TMD symptoms"
12.10-12.30      Dr. Konstantin Ronkin, FICCMO, MICCMO/Dr. Dmitriy Yudin "New Developments in TENS Procedure"
12.35-12.55      Dr. Jean Claude Combadazou, FICCMO, MICCMO "Influence of the visual sensor on the postural  EMG activity of the anterior fibers of the temporal muscle"

13.05-13.45      EXHIBITS/LUNCH

13.50-14.10      Dr. Bertrand Champion, FICCMO "Effect of occlusal prematurities on the masseter contraction synchronicity"
14.15-14.35      Dr. Elina Rosso, FICCMO "Neurfascial taping application in NM Dentistry"
14.40-15.00      Dr. Yumi Abei, FICCMO, MICCMO "Orthodontic Treatment and TMD: The Power of NM Orthotic Therapy"
15.05-15.25      Dr. Tammarie Heit, FICCMO, MICCMO "Clinical Reversal of OSA in adults using NMD
15.30-15.50      Dr. Milagros Rivolta "Jaw dislocation-A NM approach"

16.00-16.20      EXHIBITS/BREAK

16.20-16.40      Dr. Graciela Bonfanti "NM orthopedics in children"
16.45-17.05      Dr. Curtis Westersund "Multidisciplinary Approach in Neuromuscular Treatment"
17.10-17.30      Special Announcement from India

International College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO) is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. ICCMO designates this activity for 10 hours of education credits.

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